Airbus A320 Interior – Inside the cabin of this city hopper.

Airbus A320 Interior – Inside the cabin of this city hopper.

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Airbus A320 Interior

As with all airliners, the layout of the cabin is determined by the requirements of the purchasing

An Aer Lingus Airbus A320 on descent.

airline. Whether we are talking about an Airbus A319 interior, an Airbus A320 interior, an Airbus A321 interior or an Airbus A318 interior, the options are the same.  All variants have the same A320 specifications as relates to cabin width.  Airbus A320 boasts a cabin width 7 inches wider than its competitors. This allows for flexibility of choice with the options to accommodate 4, 5 or 6 seats abreast layouts. This also gives the opportunity for wider seats and/or wider aisles, making it popular with travellers.

An Airbus A320 2 class cabin looking from Business Class into Economy Class.

The extra cabin width also enables larger overhead luggage bins which makes it popular with business travellers who would rather have carry-on luggage to enable speedier transitions through airports. To further enhance the speedy turn-around required by a short-haul workhorse, the A320 boasts larger, than its competitors, passenger and service doors.

An Airbus A318 all Economy class cabin.

Designing cabin interiors and having them released is a slow process due to the certification processes that must be passed through. Airbus is working with designers to further refine and modernise cabin layouts and one option it is currently looking at is a new pivot luggage bin.

An Airbus A320 all economy class cabin of Etihad Airways.
 Some sample cabin configurations.
Premium Seating Configuration Example for Business and Economy Class. Standard Economy Seating Configuration Example.
 A320_Seating_Premium  A320_Seating_Economy_Class

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