Boeing 747 8 Specs

Boeing 747 8 Specs

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Boeing 747 8 Specifications.

The Boeing 747 8 Freighter and 747 8 Intercontinental are the largest iterations of the classic Boeing 747 model which has the ruled the skies for four decades. It is the largest and heaviest aircraft produced in the United States.

The new 747 8 is the next generation of this iconic aircraft and benefits from technologies and enhancements that were used to create the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  New wing technology, engine technology and also increased length to enable a larger passenger payload to be carried.

…. insertion of an extra 5.6 metres….

Below you can see where the extra length was inserted on the 747 8 Intercontinental passenger version as well as the 747 8 Freighter version. The insertion of an extra 5.6 metres (220 inches) of length as compared to the Boeing 747 400 is slightly different for the 747 8 Intercontinental as compared to  the 747 8 Freighter.  For the 747 8 Freighter this is done by inserting an extra 4.1 metres of fuselage length at the forward wing root.  The purpose for this is to do it behind the upstairs bubble and thereby not increase the bubble size but rather make it smaller, more reminiscent of the Boeing 747 100 and Boeing 747 200 series.    The 747 8 Freighter does not carry passengers therefore the bubble is redundant other than the house the cockpit.  The 747 8 Intercontinental on the other hand has the forward insertion of 4.1 metres (220 inches) placed forward of the wing root so that it takes in the upstairs bubble as well.  This way the upstairs bubble as well as the main deck are extended, increasing the seating capacity dramatically.  By how much exactly depends on the airline and what seat pitch they want to apply.  Both the 747 8 Freighter and the 747 8 Intercontinental have an insertion of 1.5 metres behind the wing root in the same place.

Boeing 747 8 Fuselage Extension.

This shows where the additional length was inserted as compared to the Boeing 747 400.

Boeing 747 8 example seating plan.

747-8i layout
A Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental cabin plan for 450 passengers. This would vary from airline to airline depending on the cabin density they are aiming for.

Boeing 747 8 Spec Table

Boeing 747-8i IntercontinentalBoeing 747-8f Freighter
Cockpit Crew22
Average PriceUS$378.5 MillionUS$379.1 Million
Seating Capacity (Maximum)605N/A
Seating Capacity (Three Class)467N/A
Overall Length76.25 Metres (250 feet, 2 inches)76.25 Metres (250 feet, 2 inches)
Wingspan68.45 Metres (224 feet, 7 inches)68.45 Metres (224 feet, 7 inches)
Height19.35 Metres (63 feet, 6 inches)19.35 Metres (63 feet, 6 inches)
Cabin Width6.1 Metres (20 feet, 1 inches)6.1 Metres (20 feet, 1 inches)
Maximum Take-off Weight448,000 Kilograms (987,000 Pounds)448,000 Kilograms (987,000 Pounds)
Maximum landing weight312,000 Kilograms (688,000 Pounds)343,000 Kilograms (757,000 Pounds)
Maximum zero fuel weight295,000 Kilograms (651,000 Pounds)330,000 Kilograms (727,000 Pounds)
Maximum structural payload76,700 Kilograms (169,100 Pounds)134,200 Kilograms (295,800 Pounds)
Maximum fuel capacity229,980 Litres (60,755 US gallons)229,980 Litres (60,755 US gallons)
Cruising Speed at 35,000 feetMach 0.855 (570 mph, 495 knots, 917 km/h)Mach 0.845 (564 mph, 490 knots, 908 km/h)
Maximum speed at 35,000 feetMach 0.92 (614 mph, 533 kn, 988 km/h)Mach 0.92 (614 mph, 533 kn, 988 km/h)
Range8,000 nmi (9,210 mi; 14,800 km)at MTOW with 467 passengers and baggage4,390 nmi (5,050 mi; 8,130 km) at full payload (134,000 kg(295,800 lb))
Cargo capacity161.5 Cubic Metres (5,705 Cubic feet)854.5 Cubic Metres (330,177 Cubic feet)
Service ceiling43,000 ft (13,000 m)43,000 ft (13,000 m)
Engines (4x)GEnx-2B67GEnx-2B67
Thrust (4x)66,500 lbf (296 kN)66,500 lbf (296 kN)

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