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Boeing 737 Orders and Deliveries

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Boeing 737 Orders and Deliveries

For fifty years now Boeing has been taking orders and producing the Boeing 737.  It is used on all sorts of routes in all parts of the world.  Some of the airline customers who pioneered the use of this workhorse have passed into history.

Let’s have a look at who has the Boeing 737 and who still expects to receive theirs.

Below are some figures on firstly the number of Orders and Deliveries for each of the Boeing 737 variants.  As you can see, the order book for the 737 Max is filling very rapidly and looks to be a very successful product for Boeing. We are also noticing that the orders for the 737-800 have reduced which leads us to believe that many 737-800 orders have converted to 737 MAX orders.  All this as we pass 10,000 737s being produced overall.

As we pass the middle of 2019 the 737 MAX design faults have as yet to be resolved. As we can see in the table below, the production of this model has been frozen. Boeing have however, concluded the 737 900ER order book with 505 airframes delivered. We can also see only 9 orders left for the popular 737 800.

Boeing 737 Model Summary Through October 2019.

Model Series Orders Deliveries Unfilled
Boeing 737 100  30 30
Boeing 737 200 991 991
Boeing 737 200C 104 104
Boeing 737 300 1113 1113
Boeing 737 400 486 486
Boeing 737 500 389 389
Boeing 737 600 69 69
Boeing 737 700 1128 1128
Boeing 737 700C 22 22
Boeing 737 700W 17 14 3
Boeing 737 800 4991 4982 9
Boeing 737 800A 157 123 34
Boeing 737 900 52 52
Boeing 737 900ER 505 505
Boeing 737 MAX 4912 387 4525
BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) 121 121
BBJ2 (Boeing Business Jet) 23 21 2
BBJ3 (Boeing Business Jet) 7 7
Boeing 737 T43A 19 19
Boeing 737 Totals 15,136 10,563 4,573

February 2019: This month saw the delivery of 3 737-900ERs, 2 737-800s and 1 737-800A. The 737 MAX is now the centre of attention with 1 ordered but 26 delivered. Naturally we will not see the effects of the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the subsequent grounding of the type until the March figures are out.

Aegean Boeing-737-300

Aegean Boeing-737-300 taxis.

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    • Hi Main,
      The 737-700 and 737-900 are part of the Next Generation series of 737s which was introduced in the early 90s. This series is now being superseded by the 737 MAX series, namely the MAX 7, MAX 8, and MAX 9. These replace respectively, the 737-700, 737-800, and 737-900. We noticed that many orders that were in place for the Next Generation jets were converted to orders for the MAX series. This of course, as we know, is hitting some rough times due to the grounding of the type currently. The 737-700C is a convertible version with a large side to door allow for the removal of seats to convert it very quickly between passenger carrying and cargo carrying services. We haven’t been able to ascertain what the outstanding order story is.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Cheers Peter

    • Hi Kareem,

      I’m sure it depends on what part of the world you are in, as you don’t want to be ferrying too far. Sites like Avmax, Skyworld Aviation etc.. These are not recommendations, simply pointers.
      Cheers Peter


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